Climate Ventures



An expert in business development, marketing and social innovation, Ricardo invested more than 10 years developing new business across traditional markets before founding two social endeavors: the award-winning Aoka Tours (the first sustainable tourism operator in Brazil) in 2009, and Aoka Labs in 2014 – a social innovation company that creates labs for collective impact and stakeholder engagement to reshape society. He has worked with organizations such as Coca-Cola, Cassino and Natura in the development of shared value projects and strategies, fostering a new way of doing business in Brazil. Ricardo enables multi-stakeholder debates and workshops. He is a board member of the B Corps Movement and an investor in social startups focused on Education and Fintech. Ricardo provides mentorship in fundraising and business strategy and is also a professor for the Business Innovation MBA program at FIAP (the most respected center of excellence in technology in Brazil).


Member of the Presencing Institute's Theory U Global Practitioners, Daniel graduated in Business Administration and Liberal Arts from Santa Monica College in California and Ecotourism from Universidade Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil. Daniel holds 15 years of experience working in the economic development of native and grassroots communities throughout the country. In 2007, he co-founded ProScience, a non-profit organization featuring a team of ecologists that aims to incubate and provide management support for social and environmental projects in Brazil. In 2009, Daniel co-founded Aoka with Ricardo Gravina, where he specialized in the design and development of social innovation projects, as well as ability building initiatives with some of the biggest corporations, institutes and foundations in the country. Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, Daniel has extensive experience in liaising multi-stakeholder debates and workshops, building bridges between cultures and individuals from different backgrounds, ranging from C-level executives and top government officials, to farmers and indigenous populations.



Daniela Opice is Alice’s mother, a dreamer and a manager of social organizations. Since the beginning of her professional life she has devoted her productive labor force to organizations and projects that have the goal to transform reality, considering the lack of social and environmental justice in society.

She has a degree in Business Administration and believes in the importance of an effective management to increase the impact of social organizations that foster solutions for a more inclusive and fair society. Daniela has worked in projects focused in public education, culture and social entrepreneurship and is a financial consultant for small business and non-governmental organizations.

In 2015, Daniela has founded Aldeia 445, a multiple space in São Paulo that offers opportunities for different initiatives that aims for solutions for a better world.


Communication & Engagement

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Catherine has a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Belas Artes University and is currently working on obtaining her graduate degree at ESALQ/USP in Environmental Education and Transition for Sustainable Societies. She has worked in a number of organizations, consistently seeking identification with purpose. Catherine was part of Aiesec and the Germinar Program; she attended the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, as well as TEDxJardins. She lived for a period of time in Colombia to study and work, where she also discovered her passion for photography.

A cultural enthusiast, Catherine created the Anzol Garimpo Cultural project so as to disseminate the crafts and stories behind it.

She is currently part of the Climate Ventures team, where she is responsible for Communication and Engagement with stakeholders.

“Notwithstanding the above, I am just like you, made of flesh and memory, bone and oblivion.”



With a degree in Visual Arts, Floriana has developed projects as an artist, collective processes facilitator and educator. She has worked extensively in the development and implementation of socio-cultural and environmental endeavors. Floriana develops social technologies and interactive devices that combine art, body expression and collective dynamics in order to promote educational and entertaining processes that assist in raising awareness, reflection and absorption of contents throughout collective processes. She is a facilitator and trainer of the Dragon Dreaming methodology for collaborative projects and a consultant for other methodologies, such as Sociocracy, Art of Hosting and Theory U. Floriana is a collaborator and member of the ProScience NGO (SP), the Organismo NGO (BA) and the social company Aoka Labs. She is also the author of a children's book entitled "Fiorela Verdi: Manual of the Mini Green Trooper", edited by LEYA in 2014. It is an interactive book that through fiction, aims to set forth current societal, permaculture and ecology challenges. Floriana was a TED SP Speaker in 2016 with the lecture "Restorative Circles".


Designer and illustrator with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of Branding, Communication Strategy and Information Design, Fabio collaborates with people and organizations so as to outline their vision and guiding principles, ultimately applying design methodologies and translating them into visual effects.

His professional background includes experiences within organizations and as an entrepreneur: he co-founded three design studios and a tech startup focused on education. Fabio is currently a strategic design partner alongside other consultants such as Reos Partners, Arbex & Company, Mandalah, Trip Editora, and collaborates as a design advisor for Spacetime Labs and Climate Ventures.

Passionate about Buddhism, Art and Nature, he constantly seeks to reveal the interdependent relationships between people and the cosmos.


Project Management

A São Paulo native with a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication and Marketing from ESPM and presently working on achieving a graduate degree in Sustainability from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation – FGV, Lucas has worked at a family company, a multinational corporation and twice in the entrepreneurial universe: Selva Coworking & Cultural Collective and Meu Bem Conveniências Corporativas. He dedicated his time to volunteer activities from an early age. Lucas studied Arts in Paris at CPGE of Lycée Claude Monet. He is a collaborator at Climate Ventures, where he is responsible for Projects and Production. He categorically believes in the cliché idea of a better world and conducts his career and his life accordingly. Lucas is passionate about soccer and considered pursuing a career in the sport that led him to play in some clubs' base categories, which had (have!) a major influence on his world view.





Aoka develops social innovation platforms to mobilize stakeholders, activate collaborative ecosystems and foster collective action to redesign our society, such as: Food and Nutrition, Social Finance, Low Carbon Economy, as well as in-company endeavors focused on reinventing organizations, such as: culture projects, purpose recovery, leadership, positive impact and shared value. Aoka has been a Certified B company since 2014.



The Climate and Society Institute (CSI) is a philanthropic and refinancing organization that promotes prosperity, justice, and low carbon development in Brazil. The Institute acts as a bridge between international and national investors and local partners. The Climate and Society Institute belongs to a broad network of charitable organizations focused on developing solutions for the climate crisis.



The Climate and Society Institute (CSI) is a philanthropic and refinancing organization that promotes prosperity, justice, and low carbon development in Brazil. The Institute acts as a bridge between international and national investors and local partners. The Climate and Society Institute belongs to a broad network of charitable organizations focused on developing solutions for the climate crisis.



ProScience is a non-profit civil society association founded in 2007 by a multidisciplinary group of professionals in the fields of Biology, Tourism and Environmental Management. Its activities are aimed at structuring a network of socio-environmental endeavors that promote universal citizenship and the search for partnerships, so that these projects may have further access to bolder and more innovative solutions.



CERTI Foundation is a research, development and expert technological services organization that provides innovative solutions for the private, government and Third Sector. It is an independent and non-profit institution.



Pipe works as an exhibit of social business that emerged focused on generating instrumental connections across Brazil. It is a platform where startups may showcase their projects and propositions, as well as identity their place within the universe of possibilities that this ecosystem offers today.