Ricardo Gravina and Daniel Contrucci from Climate Ventures.

Ricardo Gravina and Daniel Contrucci from Climate Ventures.


1st Climate Ventures Summit Promotes Valuable Connections and Good Business for the Climate 


On November 22nd, 2018, the 1st Climate Ventures Summit in São Paulo brought together nearly 200 ecosystem players, who are researching and developing solutions in response to climate change. Participants included entrepreneurs, researchers, executives, investors, startups and representatives of different projects and social movements. Climate Ventures co-founders Ricardo Gravina and Daniel Contrucci opened the event, sharing a bit about their journey and individuals who crossed their path up to that moment.

Carlos Rittl from the Climate Observatory.

Carlos Rittl from the Climate Observatory.

Carlos Rittl, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory, was mentioned among these individuals. Rittl presented the latest report on "Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Brazil 1970 – 2017" and pointed out the country’s role in the context of Climate Change. Brazil currently occupies the 7th position among the global ranking of countries that most emit greenhouse gases, a data that mainly reflects the impacts generated by the change in land utilization, deforestation and livestock.

To get participants even more into the climate change atmosphere, its impacts and our interdependence with nature, the "sustainable music" band Tudo que Toco Tu Tocas, which uses instruments made with 100% recyclable materials found on the streets of São Paulo, played the song "Quede Água" by Lenine, followed by a reading by Ricardo Gravina about the purpose of Climate Ventures, hence creating a moment of deep reflection on the importance of coming together to bolster and motivate the low carbon ecosystem, as well as climate entrepreneurship in Brazil.

The climate change issue, similar to several other complex challenges of our times, calls for something extremely simple and yet, incredibly challenging: action through ongoing collaboration and dialogue. To act in a collaborative manner, we need to change our perspective from self, from individuality, from “to each their own” and start thinking about us, about “doing it together”, about the quality of relationships, about the awareness of interdependence, inspired by a purpose bigger than ourselves. We believe in the shift of perspective from ego to eco.
— Ricardo Gravina, co-founder at Climate Ventures

To emphasize the point that it is possible to align businesses and low greenhouse gas emissions, Guilherme Karam, Business and Biodiversity Coordinator for Fundação Grupo Boticário, presented the initiatives and latest investments made by the foundation in recent years. "We have the ability to support the segment, not necessarily by making direct investments in businesses, but by making it easier for businesses to become more mature and connected with potential investors. At the other end, we have the role of raising awareness among investors who have the capital to spend, showcasing the importance of investments in Impact and Biodiversity Conservation Businesses," added Karam, based on his view of the role of foundations and institutes in the climate entrepreneurship ecosystem and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across Brazil.

Innovation Lab Conclusion and Presentation of Prototypes


The 1st Climate Ventures Summit also marked the conclusion of our Innovation Lab and as a result of this process, 10 prototypes were created that aim to develop innovations such as: financial mechanisms for small producers and impact startups; encouragement for the production of biogas from organic waste; further development of a sustainable livestock chain and forest economy, as well as business models for community gardens in the outskirts of major cities and the dissemination of a new food culture based on ancestral knowledge.

"In a short period of time, very interesting prototypes from different industry segments were presented and could contribute to a new way of operating the Brazilian economy - that is, an economy that is clean, that is concerned with environmental aspects, but that also aims to make a profit. I believe this is entirely possible and Climate Ventures contributes a lot toward that", says Guilherme Karam.

In addition, one room was specially dedicated to the display of the results of the 1st Innovation Lab Cycle and its prototypes. Each one of the prototypes’ representatives pitched their project to all participants of the event. Now, they are expanding their relationship network and engaging new ecosystem players to collaborate on the development of these projects.

To learn more about the individuals and organizations engaged with each of the prototypes, click here.

Climate-Friendly Business Roundtable and Impact Speed Dating!

Speed Dating de Impacto e Rodada de Negócios.jpg

Startups and large companies have a lot to learn and several ways to support each other, and bridging that gap is one of Climate Ventures' goals. So, during the 1st Climate Ventures Summit, some areas were particularly focused on promoting these connections. For Carolina Learth, a Sustainable Development Manager, what struck her the most was the high quality of the businesses presented at the Summit. "They are very much on the right track, some a bit more mature, others less, but focused on purposes that are extremely aligned with what we need to deliver for market effect, in terms of commitment to the climate and this new economy that we want to build.”


Davigo, one of the prototypes that emerged from the Climate Ventures Innovation Lab and that aims to bring impact businesses and corporations together, promoted a meeting between participating startups at the 1st Good Business for the Climate Contest and managers of large companies. The purpose was to discuss opportunities and challenges for integration between these players surrounding a new low carbon economy.

Participating Startups: Morada da Floresta, Sunew, Plant, Carbon Zero Courier and Atina Ativos Naturais.

Participating Companies: Instituto Votorantim, Banco Itaú, Intercement, Localiza and Santander.


The 1st Good Business for the Climate Contest finalist startups, in addition to pitching their projects and receiving their trophies, also enjoyed a reserved area at the Climate Ventures Summit where potential investors, partners and customers met with each of them in private.

Ricardo Gravina from Climate Ventures, Ana Patrícia Cota from Origens Brasil, André Menezes from Baanko, Daniel Contrucci from Climate Ventures and Thiago Mattar from Sunew.

Ricardo Gravina from Climate Ventures, Ana Patrícia Cota from Origens Brasil, André Menezes from Baanko, Daniel Contrucci from Climate Ventures and Thiago Mattar from Sunew.

Presentation of Results and Mapping Analysis of the 1st Good Business for the Climate Contest

Livia Hollerbach, Pipe.Social Co-Founder.

Livia Hollerbach, Pipe.Social Co-Founder.

The 1st Good Business for the Climate Contest was a partnership between Climate Ventures and ClimateLaunchpad so as to map and foster businesses that promote a more regenerative, circular and low-carbon economy in Brazil. To this effect, we relied on support from Pipe.Social. During the 1st Climate Ventures Summit, Livia Hollerbach, Pipe.Social co-founder, presented an analysis generated from data gathered from more than 370 businesses and startups registered in the event. Click here to view the infographic with the results.

This was just a quick summary of the Low Carbon Ecosystem event promoted by Climate Ventures and to stay up-to-date about our upcoming news and events, sign up for our newsletter.